Monthly Archive: April 2012

Apr 29

Week of April 30: Broadcast Writing

We’ll experiment this week with writing for broadcast media, specifically news. There are a few key differences between writing for print and for broadcast that we’ll want to highlight. We’ll end our work in this area with an activity that will let you experience firsthand what it’s like to read the news during a broadcast. …

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Apr 22

Week of April 23: More Public Relations Writing

This week, we’ll continue talking about different types of PR writing, including email story pitches and fact sheets. If you haven’t watched the video below (also linked on the syllabus), you might like to check it out to see the journalist’s perspective on receiving story pitches from PR folks. We’ll also talk about commas and …

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Apr 18

Resume Slides

By request, here is the slideshow on resumes that we used in class.

Apr 12

Week of April 16: PR Writing

This week we’ll start studying the purposes and processes of public relations writing. During our unit on this style of writing, you’ll produce two press releases, an email story pitch and a fact sheet. These basic PR skills will be useful in a variety of positions that you might pursue, and will also give you …

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Apr 08

Week of April 9: Profile Stories and Resumes

This week, you’ll complete the first draft of your profile story and have it reviewed by two classmates. The copy you bring on Tuesday for the peer review is only seen by you and your peer reviewers…but the closer the story is to completion, the more useful the feedback you receive will be. Please bring …

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Apr 01

Week of April 2: Profile Story and Storytelling Skills

We’re starting to work on your next project this week: the profile story. We discussed it a bit before Spring Break, but now it’s time to really get going! This week, we’ll talk about some key aspects of the longer story you’ll be writing, including structure, descriptive detail and voice. I think you’ll find these …

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